What We Offer

Saffron spirits, devilled dishes and quirky charisma – Sri Lanka’s mixed bag of charms make us truly original. To discover it however, you must venture beyond 5-star tours and manicured luxuries.

At Jungle Fowl, we plan the unusual, delving right into the heart of the unexpected. This means your trip might not be exactly what you expected, but we suspect it will leave you wanting more. With us, you discover the other side of the island – the little idiosyncrasies that make Sri Lanka what it is; the less than perfect place with a mix of too many things. In this chaotic combination of cultures however, the true spirit of the island is born again and again, each day.

We specialize in curating experiences that are one of a kind. Be it a journey of gastronomical discovery, a cross country cycling excursion, a photography expedition, safari adventure, golf getaway, spa escape, yoga and wellness retreat, surfing tour, archaeological discovery, a dream wedding, or any other special interest you may have. You get to vacation on this beautiful island while indulging in your own personal journey of discovery or escape.

To top it off, when you book with us, you get our ‘Jungle Fowl Exclusives’, which are special offers and surprises, unique to Jungle Fowl.
We aren’t travel agents or tour operators. We are Adventure catalysts, Leisure planners, Experience curators. You get the idea. In fact, we love planning holidays as much as you like having them!