Why do I need a travel company?

The beauty of Sri Lanka is that it is unpredictable and is still undiscovered in many ways. You may find things you weren’t aware of or cultural sensitivities you wished you’d known before you travelled. People you meet may not always be reliable and you may be taken advantage of. You may miss out on a great festival because you didn’t know it was happening or have plans on a day where you find everything shut-down because of a local holiday. By booking with Jungle Fowl you have Sri Lankans creating your holiday for you, giving you an insider’s perspective of the country. This way, you get to make the most of your holiday, knowing that everything has been thoughtfully planned for an insightful, unforgettable experience.

How much does it cost to book with Jungle Fowl?

Nothing, really. We don’t charge extra fees for our services. You pay the same rate if you booked directly and get a curated plan on the house. What’s more, we ensure the best quality transport, with professionally trained chauffer guides who go above and beyond, to meet your needs. Our travel consultants will give you guaranteed itineraries on confirmation and handle all bookings and paperwork on your behalf. What’s more, our operations team in Colombo will be at your service throughout your journey with us.

How long will you take to plan my trip?

While the duration of your journey and the types of things you want to do may take a little time to plan with personal detail, we do our utmost to get you an initial itinerary as soon as possible and have it confirmed with your travel timelines in mind, so you can plan accordingly.

What vaccines do I require?

Hepatitis and Typhoid are generally recommended. For an up-to-date list of vaccines, visit – http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/sri-lanka

How do I communicate while in Sri Lanka?

Our guide will accompany you when and as required and be a mediator, depending on your native tongue. Our guides speak English, French and German. You will also find that many in Sri Lanka can communicate in English.

What mobile and data connectivity is available in Sri Lanka?

All mobile operators support the GSM technology on GSM 900/1800 bands. WAP & GPRS is widely supported. 3G, 4G and wireless broadband are available in metropolitan areas. Wi-Fi zones are available in selected spots in major towns. Most hotels and villas are also equipped with broadband connectivity.

How much money can I bring into Sri Lanka?

There is no restriction in bringing money in foreign currencies into Sri Lanka. This sum could be in TCs, Bank drafts or currency notes. However, if the total exceeds US$ 15,000, that sum must be declared to the Sri Lanka Customs.For a general list of guidelines for travelling in Sri Lanka, please visit – http://www.tourslanka.com/travel-faqs/