Jungle Fowl Exclusives

A trip with Jungle Fowl means you get to be part of an experience you won’t get anywhere else. While we want you to have the time of your life, we take our philosophy of responsible travel seriously. As such our mix of exclusive offers include what we believe will make a difference to you, the planet and people around us.


  • With every trip we plan we donate a percentage to worthy local causes that help preserve our natural environment and our communities.
  • When you book with Jungle Fowl, we throw in a surprise extra, every time, on the house!
  • We offer all our guests a chance to become a Jungle Fowl Supporter by partnering with us to help us make a positive impact.
  • We bring you special offers and unique deals in collaboration with our select group of partners.

Keep an eye out for more details or drop us a note (at info@junglefowl.net) to learn more about our Jungle Fowl Exclusives.